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The .22 Pistol League shoots a standard 50 foot NRA pistol course. It begins with a five minute practice of unlimited fire. This is followed by a ten minute slow fire round of ten shots (Possible score 100 points). This is followed by two twenty second rounds of timed fire of five shots each (Possible score 100 points).  This is followed by two ten second rounds of rapid fire of five shots each (Possible score 100 points). Your score is based on a possible 300 point perfect score.

The league begins on the first Monday of October and runs for thirty (30) consecutive weeks. Scores will be posted on a board at the club and an average based on the top 15 scores shot for the season. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season in 3 categories (Marksman, Sharpshooter and Expert).   A minimum of fifteen weeks must be shot in order to qualify for the awards.

Note:  Needed Indoor Range qualifications are done at the end of the last string of the evening match.

Equipment and Fees:

.22 caliber pistol with 2 magazines and ammo

$3 for members

$5 for non-members

Contact:  Jack Birchell (chairman) at: jbjack83@yahoo.com or James DeThomas at: jamesdethomas@gmail.com

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